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Google sheets with importHTML for

Hello everyone, I have been working on a Google sheet that helps me stay on top of some stocks.  I really like the googlefinance function as it updates various fields with almost no effort at all.  One attribute that I want in my spreadsheet is yield.  I have found that Google only provides this information for mutual funds.  In order to capture this information, you can use the importHTML function if you can find an appropriate website.  In seems yahoo finance has provided a good source in the past, but does not want to provide this data going forward.  They keep changing the data structure which wrecks the formulas in your spreadsheet.  It seems a very popular alternative is  If you visit their website, you can see a table structure with the various fields that are available.  In my linked spreadsheet, you will find two tabs.  The finvis tab contains two sets of data.  At the top is a simple copy paste of the website for aapl of all table data.  The second dat

Setting up email records for my domain

One of the tasks that I have undertaken is managing the domain records for my blog.  I though I would share a few tips for the less technical people.  I start by implementing Cloudflare to manage the DNS records for my domain.  This allows me a tool so I don't have to use the tool that the domain seller provides.  Cloudflare also provides other tools, but managing the DNS records in one place makes the Cloudflare tool very valuable.  I ended up choosing to host my email because its a free service, but it has been very dependable since giving it a try.  At times the help is a bit lacking as the language reverts to Russian, but once you get things setup you probably won't face many issues.  I have run through the tool to see if I have configured the basics.  I recently came across a blog post for DMARC and wondered if I had addressed the issue.  A quick Google search told me I had not addressed the issue.  So I used the simple but user f

My blogging journey

If you are new to blogging and want answers to all of your questions, this is not the blog for you.  I am pretty sure that I don't have answers to all of your questions.  However, I am new to this domain and will be happy to share my experience with you.  I bought this domain name because it was inexpensive and I wanted to learn a bit about the process of setting everything up.  I have managed to get the site configured and it seems pretty responsive for visitors.  I have been able to setup email that is associated with my domain that appears to work very well.  I have joined a few services that will provide insight into you my visitors.  Since purchasing the domain, it has not been available all the time as I have been trying different configuration which has not always worked perfectly.  Here is what the host has served up for visitors. I have had the domain up and running over a month now and there do appear to be visitors other than myself.  One of the services measuring