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An open love letter to Microsoft OneNote

  This is an open love letter to Microsoft   OneNote .  I finally get you.  I have struggled with you for years, never quite seeing the power of your platform.  I am not sure that I have the best organization for the data that I collect with various sections, pages and notebooks.  I have created various entries and collected some somewhat useful data, but honestly until recently   OneNote   has been my second or third choice for saving research.  What recently changed for   m e has been connecting the   OneNote   clipper extension.  The   OneNote   clipper extension has enabled me to capture an entire article as searchable data.  In the past, I generally found that I needed to copy and paste to have all the text saved to   OneNote .  I did try the print to   OneNote   printer driver, while it did capture all the data of the article it seems to be   an image   file.  I was not able to copy and paste text from a printed article and the title is simply printout on my   OneNote   book.  Cl

As a webmaster, I am a far.

The traffic to this blog has began to fall.  Here are my monthly numbers according to Jan, 2020 214 Feb, 2020 567 Mar, 2020 577 Apr, 2020 278 May, 2020 312   I only purchased the blog in January after someone else failed to renew the name.  I was looking for a low cost name which the are at only .99 per year.  I looked this number up as it is one of the few phone numbers that I actually remember now that all my contacts live in my phone.  The person that had the name before me simply setup a wordpress website and did not make any posts or attempts to post anything.  I assume they were simply hoping to sell the name at a higher price.  When that did not work, they dropped it and I picked it up.  As you can see from the number of posts, I have not done much either.  I have always assumed much of the traffic here at the start was from things the previous owner of did with the name.  I am attempting to track visitors through settings and cloud