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That 8675309 number

Jenny:  Tommy you totally ruined my life!

Tommy:  LOL! I made you famous!

Jenny:  Do you know how many people have called me?  Most of the calls come after 1 AM.

Tommy: Eight six seven five three oh nine

Jenny:  Yeah, that it.  For a good time call.....

Tommy:  Jenny don't change your number

Jenny:  I did change it

Tommy:  You what??  No, Jenny don't change your number

Jenny:  Its to late

Tommy:  I got your number on the wall

Jenny:  Thats not my problem any more, besides I think the song did more damage then the wall ever did.

Tommy:  I got your number on the wall

Jenny:  I painted that wall

Tommy:  How can I get ahold of you now?

Jenny:  You can write me at [email protected]

Tommy:  I putting [email protected] on that wall again

Jenny:  Its not the 1980's anymore, try something new

Tommy:  Like what?

Jenny:  How about a website, you can get a great deal at Namesilo.  Here is a link.  In fact, you can try the coupon code 8675309 for an additional discount if you purchase before 12/31/20.  Here is a link for you. 

Jenny:  Give it a try, let me know if you have any problems.  Thanks.


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